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The Wavetable Tremolo is a tremolo with many waveforms for you to choose from.  Standard Rate and Depth and then spin the knob for a selection of killer waves like sine, square, triangle, ramp, etc, etc, etc...  It's an FV-1 Spin Semiconductor based design so you know it has fantastic audio quality and response.  Ultra smooth and very even sounding.  We have taken the design and give our customers what they expect in guitar effects, ultra low noise, real-world usable tones and effects and uber-dependable.  With this design we made sure that there were no unwanted distortion from the DSP processor and that the audio was treated in a way that didn't sound glassy or too sterile.   As with all Keeley Engineered products this stomp box is easy to set and forget.  It is going to provide a lifetime of service free performance.

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