Keeley Time Machine Boost



  • Volume
  • Intensity
  • 1966/1973


  • Volume
  • On/Off
  • Vintage/Modern


Keeley Electronics

World Class Time Machine guitar effect pedal.

Check out Peter Frampton's board on his 2004 tour! He was kind enough to spend and incredible 3 hours with Keeley Electronics and treat us to dinner. What a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Thanks so much, Peter. You really have helped us stretch and grow into the higher and higher levels of quality and now into rack mount gear! Thanks!

  • This is a 2 channel, 3 mode pre-amplifier (booster) for driving your amplifiers into overdrive or saturation.
  • The 2 channels are labeled VINTAGE and MODERN.
  • The Vintage side is inspired by rare germanium boosts like the Dallas Rangemaster.
  • The Modern side a new +23dB gain dual JFET, very transparent, guitar signal amplifier.
  • Our design uses a Maxim MAX1044 voltage doubling IC to get additional headroom.
  • If 6 were 9 ? How about if 9 volts became 18 volts!
  • As with all Keeley built electronics it incorporates top of the line audiophile style parts including metal film caps, resistors, silver solder!, etc...
  • Teflon-coated wiring leaves this unit breath-taking on the inside. Open one up for yourself!

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