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The Phase 24 is a gorgeously simple phaser delivering 2 and 4 stage phasing for those very classic sounds. The Keeley Phase 24 offers shimmering and subtle watery tones for those wanting high fidelity and quality in a Keeley Engineered product. Part of the magic in this style phaser is a result of carefully matching FETs so that you capture excellent rounding of the phase sounds and each stage works together in harmony to bring you a full lush tone.

A unique 2/4 stage selector gives you control over making this a classic 4 stage phaser or the less common 2 stage phaser for very subtle shimmer that you can use any time. A Depth control gives you further control. Think of it as a blend control allowing you to go from dry, no phasing to full depth, lush phasing. How many times have you clicked on a phaser only to realize it sounds like a massive "effect" has been placed on your tone when you were just wanting little waves of ambiance or wave-like swirl? The Keeley phaser is for players that like delicate nuances.

The first 25 units will be the Guitar For a Cure version. $20 for each pedal will be donated to Project ALS. We have raised thousands of dollars to try and cure this disease. Please help us raise more money for research.

The Cure Phaser has a Japanese Kanji symbol like our other Cure pedals. This Kanji is a symbol for the word water, "NAMI". It's the perfect symbol for representing healing.

The first 25 units will be hand signed and number by Robert Keeley and include Guitar for a Cure guitar picks as well as Gravity picks with the Keeley Logo.

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