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Set and forget – get back to making music.

The Omni Reverb is designed to fill the space around the notes with the perfect depth.  How much does reverb contribute to the mood of the music?  Many times reverb defines not only a mood, but a space or even a time period.  The Omni Reverb has three perfect settings for guitar: Room, Spring, and Plate.  Nothing captures all of the elements of classic guitar tones like those three reverbs.  With the Omni Reverb you simply select the style and then dial in the Dwell length.  Add whatever volume Level fills your guitar space and you’re ready to get back to making music.

The Perfect Social Media

Our Room Reverb is designed to give you that small club space or that living room sound, I call it social club reverb.  Our reverb space includes the hardwood floors, windows and drywall surfaces and maybe even a couch!  Want that intimate sound when friends are over for a jam?  Want to go back to the earliest days of rock and roll? Now take it with you.

Off The Beach

Spring Reverb has got to be natural and effortless.  It has to be the perfect compliment to guitar.  The Omni Reverb is our 2 spring reverb tank that gives you enough splash and spring to make any surfer happy.  It has enough depth and deeper tones to inspire any blues player to just let notes cry out.

Plate of Fame

Plate Reverb: as defined by the classic emt140.  Low-end resonance takes over and high-end shimmer decays as this super smooth reverb sings out.  Nothing says classic studio reverb sounds like a plate reverb, so why not take it with you on the road?  Goes well with gain and distortion tones because of it’s perfect EQ.  Simply set and forget.


Reverbs tones like Room, Spring, and Plate capture all of the classic tones that guitar players use to create ambiance.  Pick a style of ‘verb and then set Dwell and Level.  Now you’ve set the mood and can get back to creating.

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