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Multi Echo by Keeley

The Multi Echo puts together 8 of our most popular delay based effects.  At your command will be Automatic Double Tracking, Chorus, Tape Echo with Dynamic Modulation, Analog Delay and Subdivided Digital Delay, as well as Room, Chamber with Distortion and Hall Reverb with Shimmer!

Do you need something simple to use? It’s gotta be small and pack a wide range of tones?  The Keeley Multi Echo is just the tool.  It’s Simple:  It is only one effect at a time. Chorus or Echo or Reverb.  Each algorithm was selected to offer you the best of what we offer as well as creative twists on each of the familiar patterns.

Eight Divided by Three

True-Chorus Double Tracking

The Multi Echo features a wide range Keeley True-Chorus Double Tracker.  The Vintage ADT has variable Rate and Depth like an old reel-to-reel tape deck.  The Modern ADT features a tone control so you can control the sound of the voices in your chorus.  It’s like a Big Muff tone control.  The center point is a notch-cut for haunting mids. 😉

Echo and Delay, Subdivisions

The Tape Delay has a wide ranging tone control that allows you to filter the sound of the echos.  You can simulate an old worn out deck, or make it bright carbon copies of your tone. The Analog Delay has Dynamic Modulation.  Play hard and you set a wav in motion, listen as the pitch trembles.  Hauntingly ethereal.  Eight different Subdivisions fill out the Modern Delay.  We’ve included very popular ones as well as some of the more rare subdivisions.  When you get a hold of all of them, send us your video of you playing the Keeley Multi Echo!

Papa’s Gotta Brand New Bag, of Reverb!

A new Room Reverb with Distortion Control hints at our upcoming Gold Star reverb. It’s a Phil Spector inspired reverb that tries to capture many of his sounds and crazy ideas! Imagine a room so packed with musicians and sound that you get what he called ‘room compression’.  Imagine so much sound your ears distort.  ‘Small Room Distortion’ we call it.  Creatively add distorts to your reflections!  Add your favorite dirt box to this and you have something incredibly music.  Crash and Burn endings to songs will never be the same again. Our famous Abbey Chamber Verb with a new resonant point at 2 kHz. And lastly, a Hall Reverb for super long, ambient sounds with a very faint hint of shimmer.

Multi Echo Effect Table

2) ADT (Vintage)Delay Time (0-30ms)DepthRate (0.1-8Hz)Chorus like Double Tracking, Rate is the warble of a reel tape deck
1) ADT (Modern)Delay Time (0-50ms)Pitch Dept, 30 centsToneDouble Tracking w/Tone Control (full CCW LPF@1kHz, center notch@1kHz, full CW HPF@1kHz)
3) Tape DelayDelay Time (50-950ms)RegenToneSmall amount of dynamic modulation
4) Analog DelayDelay Time (50-950ms)RegenModulation Rate (0-10Hz)Modulation depth is dynamically controlled
5) Subdivision Digital DelayDelay TIme (50-1000ms)RegenSubdivisionQtr+Dotted 8th,Dotted Quarter, Quarter, Dotted 8th, 8th, Triplet, 16th, Triplet 8th
6) Room ReverbPre Delay (0-180ms)DecayDistortionToo much sound in a small room, the reverb distorts!
7) Chamber ReverbPre Delay (0-150ms)DecayToneTone goes from -6dB@2kHz to +10dB@6.5kHz
8) Hall ReverbPre Delay (0-130ms)DecayToneTone brings in an LPF@850Hz. Slight amount of added shimmer

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