Keeley K201 JFET Preamplifier


Keeley Electronics (December 2014)

Top Kat! We finally moved the knob to the top!

The Keeley K201 JFET Booster Amplifier is really the Katana Boost with one less feature; it has no pull switch!  With a top mounted volume control it answers many players request for the ultimate Keeley Boost.  John Mayer has used the Keeley Katana for years with his rig.  His sound is instantly recognizable and really gorgeous.  Rene Martinez (SRV’s tech) swears by them.   This is the same exact circuit as in our standard Katana just without the pull switch for distortion.  We plan on releasing a mini version of this pedal at the Winter NAMM show in a month.  This transition model and the mini-K201 will have the same street price of $115.

For Christmas we are making just 40 of these transition models AND they start shipping tomorrow!

Want a mirror image of your tone, only louder? This is it. The K201 JFET Pre-Amplifier is a fat, harmonically rich boost.  You can keep it on all the time to push your amp harder, or as an occasional boost to cut through the mix.

Obsessed or Compelled with owning the best boost possible?  The K201 JFET Pre-amp with its cascading JFET stages do the tube-amp-thing like nothing else!  JFETs have a very, very similar response curve to a tube, so when you need tube sound, with semiconductor reliability, go with FETs.

The K201 circuit is in fact Robert Keeley’s first guitar effect design for Keeley Electronics. It was originally designed for Legendary Tones for the Time Machine Boost but then became an independent product under the Keeley name after the Compressor came out. The K201 is beautifully simple with stunning sound quality.

Giving It More Power

This design uses Voltage Doubling on the inside so you put 9VDC in, and we use a charge pump to nearly double operating voltage! (Caution ! +9 Volt DC Maximum Input Voltage (don’t try to put 18 volts to the unit hoping that the doubler will make it 36VDC!) What do higher power supply voltage rails mean?! -> SUPER CLEAN HIGH-HEADROOM BOOST!

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