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Robert Keeley

I think the Keeley ISO series will be a valuable set of tools because you can take a noisy daisy chain power supply and add this to eliminate the ground loop that has been causing noise. Nothing like it exists. You can connect to any power supply 9 volt output and get multiple isolated 9 volt outputs. No one is making this. I think it solves real world problems.

It can supply 225mA on each of the isolated outputs. The ISO3 has 2 outputs and one pass thru. The ISO18 has 18 volts isolated output and a 9 volt pass through. There is an ISO5 and 7 I have built as well.

For example, you can take a 200mA output from your power supply and use 50mA of that with the pass through and 100mA on the effect pedal that you want ground isolated. If you supply a 2000mA 9 volt power supply for example, the ISO5 would easily give you 6 9 volt taps all with isolated grounds and an 18 volt output too! The higher output ISO5 and ISO7 are expected out later, possibly by fall.

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