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Keeley Electronics (about the 2017 white version)

It was black…

In 2014 we created the Holy Fuzz pedal.  It was the first to have our new circle K logo.  It was gloss black and red.  I had just 86 of these magical Matsushita germanium transistors.  They were gems.  No leakage, perfectly sat in the circuit, all tested and worked the same.  And, Craighton and I just started dreaming (okay, circuit bending) until we came up with a crazy Gate Control.  Add our lucky gate mess to a Mark 3 type tone bender and you have what we called the Leather Giraffe.

Who Called the Fuzz Man?

Well everyone did.  We heard for years, why only 86?  When are you going to do it again?  So I just found a stash of Mullard/Phillips OC75 last month and I thought great, Let’s do that again.  Craighton had the board updated and we could bring one to NAMM.  So we put this new Weiß Holy Fuzz in some white clothes and made a few changes to get these wonder-germaniums to sit perfectly in the mix and we slapped our new signature logo on there (the one where my name isn’t spelled even remotely correct).

Where and When and How Many?

The new Weiß Holy Fuzz go on sale tomorrow 2/2/2017 for the ultra rad price of only $229.  This is a limited run, I only have a small amount of OC75 transistors.  Probably less than 100.  Heck, might do 86 again.  Might do more just to bum some folks out.  Complain to the owner if you have probs peeps.

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