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Fuzzy Pizdets Ltd Edition Fuzz Hand Built by Robert Keeley

Robert has been wanting to do 2 things for a while now. First, build some pedals. He hasn't sat down at a bench and built a full run of pedals since the days of the earliest Keeley Compressors. Sure, some prototypes, a ton of breadboarded projects, but a full run of production pedals? Also, early on in the companies history he had made a couple of modified Fuzz Face type pedals that people really liked. So, sitting at his desk staring at a box of recently acquired NOS Russian MP10b Germanium Transistors (perfect for a Fuzz Face) he felt like it was time. This Limited Edition run is a custom modified Fuzz Face type Fuzz with a gate control and a power sag switch. Also, every one of this 30 piece introductory batch will be hand built by Robert and hand signed. Just to sweeten the pot even more, we're also including this matching Tshirt on soft Next Level Cotton! Get them while you can, this batch will not last long!

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