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The Return of the Son of FUZZ HEAD

Is it an Overdrive? Is it a Fuzz? Well, it's both! The Fuzz Head has long been an employee favorite around the shop at Keeley Engineering and has even picked up a few prestigious awards in it's 10 years of production. It's really one of our most unique designs. All of the touch sensitivity and range of a great overdrive, with the articulate, creamy nature of a great Fuzz pedal. But a new generation calls for an update. So, it's time for the father to pass the torch to the son. The Return of the Son of Fuzz Head, is a Fuzz Head reborn! The core of the Fuzz Head, the differential transistor pair, has been retained, but from there, things start to change. First, it gets a JFet tube amp simulator, an all new, redesigned tone control and an external tone knob (the original fuzz head had none), and lastly a toggle switch to disengage the diode clipping section for some truly unique overdrive sounds! Just to push this thing over the top, we hired Cal Schenkel, the artist for Frank Zappa, and an album cover designer for a virtual "who's who" list of iconic musicians to produce artwork for this terrific pedal! Get yours reserved today in this introductory offering, and with the Christmas Sale, for cheaper than usual.

Keeley Electronics

The all new Keeley Son of Fuzz Head.  I think it’s my best offering.  I retained the Differential Pair transistor setup at the heart of the design that is unique to the Fuzz Head.  We added a JFET tube-amp simulator on the front end followed by a germanium transistor gain stage.  We vastly improved the Tone Control and moved it to the outside of the pedal (people have wanted this for over a decade!)  Diode clipping can be completely removed for a brutal overdrive sound.  This does Fuzz to the extreme and Overdrive supreme.

Want to own a truly unique Keeley design?  This is it.  It combines the best elements of all out raging fuzz and overdrive.

The original Fuzz Head won the Guitar Player Magazine BEST STOMP BOX. The key elements to that design remain intact.

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