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The El Rey Dorado was born from a collaboration between Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics and Joe Leach of Riff City Guitar. While Robert was on a promo visit to Riff City for the release of the Caverns, the two began discussing the idea of a collaborative pedal. This discussion quickly became reality, and it was decided that the pedal they would create would be a Plexi-style overdrive that would compete with the most top-notch British Plexi tones on the market. 

The El Rey Dorado, or "The Golden King" is now your go-to for anything and everything Plexi. Plexi amp tone obviously ranges due to differences in power, tubes, speakers, and/or cabs used, but the El Rey Dorado hits the bullseye when it comes to that core plexi tone. A huge resource for inspiration was a JTM 45/100 full stack - a reissue done by Marshall with custom-made vintage speakers and dual transformers to transfer the heavy load of four EL84s. 

It covers a range of classic British amp tones with two gain modes and a Power toggle. The Power toggle switch allows you to have optimal control over compression and harmonics, and a tighter, more defined tone. Get old-school crunch in Low Power mode, and searing high leads in High Power mode.

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