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DynaTrem – Dynamic Tremolo

The DynaTrem – Dynamic Tremolo by Keeley Engineering is an all new type of tremolo that is dynamic and responsive to your playing.   Your playing and and pick attack control the Rate and Depth!  The harder you play, the more it responds!  Play softly and it relaxes!

Standard Rate and Depth are actually Dynamic Rate and Dynamic Depth.  Set the sensitivity with these controls and you have an unparalleled ability to be expressive with your guitar and tremolo.

  • Tone Trio – Three Modes
    • Dynamic Rate – Your playing strength controls the Rate.  The harder you play, the faster it modulates!  Relax and play softly and the tremolo almost stops.
    • Dynamic Depth – Play gently and it just barely throbs.  Play aggressively and it and pulse hard and deep.
    • Harmonic Tremolo Mode.  Yes that vibey, soulful and sweet sound!  We have crafted our own circuits to give you a sounds that is sinfully good.  Slippery and smooth, you won’t want to gig without it.
  • Wave Table
    • With a spin of the Wave Form pot you get Sine Wave, Square Wave, Triangle Wave, and Pseudo-Sine Wave.
  • Other Features
    • Output Volume Control – Can be set for a boost for stand out effect.
    • True-Bypass – No tone loss when off
    • Battery Free – Any standard 9 volt, negative tip power supply will work, like a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power II.  60mA or greater.
    • Keeley Engineered – Decades of audio experience and design.
    • The DynaTrem – Dynamic Tremolo features killer graphics!  Looks like an old tube amp or old tube radio.  Tone to match too!

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