Keeley Compressor



  • Sustain
  • Level
  • Attack (on 4 knob version only)
  • Clipping (on 4 knob version only)


Keeley Electronics

The Keeley Compressor has become an industry standard for stomp box compression. The sound will inspire, your music will flow freely, and you can just let your head, heart, and fingers fly from here.

The Keeley Compressor, Editor's Pick Award from Guitar Player Magazine! AND, most recently the READERS CHOICE AWARD for Stomp BOX...It is true audiophile and studio grade compressor, exotic rack mount quality in a stomp box for once !

Compressors generally have a back order and ship in 5-7 business days!

HEY! Don't be fooled by other compressors that use the same FONT and BLUE LED just to try and sell you a compressor. Our heart and soul are in this tool. You can't say that about the other folks.

ALL new Keeley Compressors ship with the 9v DC Jack at the TOP end of the unit and use the same type of power supply used by nearly all effect manufactures like BOSS or Ibanez.

NEW NEW, Compressors now have an Internal Attack control, designed for bass players with high output active pick-ups or active pedal boards with buffers as well as Perfect for BASS GUITARS now!

NEW NEW NEW, Compressors as of October, 2005 build now have an Input Sensitivity Control! This means you can use this in your studio to run keyboards, drum machines, drum mics, even master recordings and other line-level uses with the Keeley Compressor. You'll raise your signal to a new level of Sonic-Awesomeness. Try it! You and your tone will be taken to new heights!



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