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Cool chorus!

This chorus has been designed from the ground up to have the voicing and meticulous attention to detail that you expect from Keeley products. It will forever change the way you think about chorus. The Seafoam Chorus is really a new take on the chorus and vibrato effect. It isn’t just a chorus effect either, it’s pitch-bending vibrato as well.

Set the Depth for really wide and the Rate low to generate huge sound-spaces. Create splashy and exotic sounds with a Rate control that actually sounds good fast.

Using only rate, depth, tone and blend, it’s simple to find your creative muse with this tone tool. With professionals and studios in mind Keeley has employed several innovations that set this chorus above the rest. First is the Keeley Chorus engine, the fantastic-sounding ES56033 IC. Next up is the Keeley LFO opto-coupler design for a unique way to achieve low rate and deep depth. The Keeley Seafoam chorus pedal is a unique design and a first in the effects world.


  • Low noise circuitry that eliminates noise found in analog designs.
  • Vibrato Blend Control – ride the line between vibe and chorus! Don’t need chorus, well you need Pitch Vibrato then!
  • Tone Control to perfect any vintage analog sound or modern shimmer.
  • Keeley designed FET input to capture every nuance from your effects and pickups.
  • Designed for guitar level and effects loop levels.

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