Keeley Bootlegger Overdrive


  • Drive
  • Nerve
  • Louder
  • 80 Proof / 100 Proof


The Keeley Bootlegger Custom overdrive pedal is a Sweetwater-exclusive version of their Red Dirt overdrive, but with a germanium transistor instead of silicon for extra vintage vibe. Noted pedal-design guru Robert Keeley essentially combined the awesome sounds produced by his original Mod Plus and Baked modified pedals, then added refinements found exclusively in his custom pedal line. A germanium transistor instead of silicon gives the Bootlegger Custom more growling lows and subtly smoother top end. The result is so dynamic and organic, that many of us guitarists here at Sweetwater thought we'd died and gone to pedal heaven. Put amazing overdrive in your pedal chain: the Sweetwater-exclusive Keeley Bootlegger Custom overdrive.


  • Sweetwater-exclusive version of the Keeley Red Dirt overdrive
  • Germanium transistor instead of silicon has warmer lows and smoother highs
  • Extremely dynamic, touch-sensitive gain at both mild and heavier sustain settings
  • Tone control delivers an extended range of useable voicing
  • A perfect match for virtually any guitar and amp combination
  • Volume control can balance the signal or push your amp into deeper sustain and overdrive
  • Hand-built in the USA using the finest components and construction techniques
  • Beautifully housed and powder coated in a rugged enclosure
  • True bypass switching for pure tone and no signal loss
  • Low current, less than 10mA; 9V DC

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