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Soft Vintage Reverb – Keeley’s recreation of the famous studio’s echo chamber

An echo room chamber is a space where program material is played and the reverberations are captured on a microphone.  You know the classic sounds of a good church or music hall.  Studios needed to capture these effects without always going to a church or hall to record.  So, they built their own echo chambers.  The famous EMI/Abbey studio had 3 echo chambers.  They also used electronic filters to refine the sound and make it easier to record and make recordings sound great.

We have incorporated the RS106 filter which had points at 600Hz high pass filter and a 10K low pass filter.  The music (or your guitar) was filtered through this before it was sent to the speaker in the echo chamber.  This made for a tighter more defined sound to be present in the chamber.

Next there is the Brilliance Control, either the RS127 or RS135.  This was what the engineers used to refine the reverb sound that they captured on the microphone.  Engineers could select one of 3 frequency points to boost or cut by +/-10 dB and they were 2.7 kHz, 3.5 kHz, or 10 kHz.

The Pre-Delay of the room is a naturally occurring 30ms and the delay of the tape machine added another 150ms so we give you that range with the Abbey Chamber Verb.

Now you can have these classic tools to add reverb to your guitar, vocals, or recordings.

What you’ll hear

…Soft and Warm Vintage Reverb.  That’s what we were after here.  We wanted people to recreate some of those classic sounds in a live setting without a DAW or other expensive packages.  Guitar players needed a plug and play chamber reverb that gave them the classic sounds they were used to and wanted to emulate.

You can easily set the Decay for the length of the reverb.

The Pre-Delay is used to match the classic sounds of vintage recordings, going from really fast doubling in the reverb to a slapback type of sound.

The Brilliance Control allows you to have the same types of tools to filter and fine tune the reverb.  This allows for soft reverbs, deep and sublime reflections, bright and reflective ambiance, whatever you chose as the engineer to your own sound!

Pair This With The 30ms Double Tracker!

If you want the complete package, pair this with our 30ms double tracker and sit down for an audio feast.  Ear Candy.  A really big show!

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