Keeler Designs Pull - Low Gain Overdrive


Keeler Designs

The Pull pedal by Keeler Designs is the ultimate low gain overdrive pedal. It has three controls, Volume, Gain, and Tone.

It is the perfect for those smokey bluesy tones. This pedal is one that one will leave on all the time and vary the gain with your guitar volume knob. It adds an incredible fatness and girth to your tone.

The Pull stacks amazingly well with other pedals. Try it after or before other pedals. A couple favorite combinations are:

  • Guitar -> Keeler Designs Push pedal -> Keeler Designs Pull pedal -> Amplifier
  • Guitar -> Keeler Designs Pull pedal -> Keeler Designs Shove pedal -> Amplifier

The Pull can be powered by battery or a 9v (negative center pin) adapter. It is true bypass and has a high luminosity LED.

The Pull is handmade in the USA by Rob Keeler.


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