Keeler Designs Kick - High Gain Fuzz


Keeler Designs

The Kick pedal by Keeler Designs is an amazing new take on those classic fuzz tones.

It has four controls, Volume, Fuzz, Texture, and Tone.

  • The Volume control has plenty of gain on tap. Perfect for boosting an amp.
  • The Fuzz control goes from gritty clean to all out saturated fuzz. The Kick pedal is also very dynamic and cleans up with the use of the guitar volume knob.
  • The Texture control allow many different shades of overdrive and fuzz. With the Texture control down low (counterclockwise) a great spitty vintage fuzz tone is achieved. By raising the Texture control amazing overdrive textures are available.
  • The Tone controls varies the tone between treble boosted and bass boosted tones.

The Kick can be powered by battery or a 9v (negative center pin) adapter. It is true bypass and has a high luminosity LED.

The Kick is handmade in the USA by Rob Keeler.


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