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THE DUKE is not for the squeamish. THE DUKE blends overdriven and synthesized tones to produce unique sounds with your instrument. With the MODE switch, THE DUKE provides either a synthesized sub-octave or high frequency tone that, when used in combination with the FREQ (frequency) control, provides a wide variety of sounds. Also THE DUKE is not limited to guitar applications. You can use THE DUKE with any number of electronic instruments – bass, keyboards, and electronic drums – for a change in your sound.

What They Say...

"All the records I make, from hip-hop to dance to punk rock to pop rock ‘n roll, catch a smackdown from THE DUKE. THE DUKE tears a mud hole in your woofers each and every time. Woof, woof Fido, the big dawg is barkin’. Put up your DUKES!!!!!"
-Kool Kojak, ASCAP award-winning co-producer/songwriter of the hit FloRida single "Right Round"

"THE DUKE is really, really awesome! I'm loving it!"
-D.P. Holmes, Dub Trio, Matisyahu

"It's other-worldly...I've never heard ANYTHING like this before."
-Jaime Duquette, Freelance bassist extraordinaire

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