Kasleder Voodoo Chile


  • Volume
  • Drive
  • Gypsy/Mirror



Analog, natural sounding OCTAVE UP pedal, with an additional fuzz circuit, based on the drafts of Roger Mayer. This effect was one of Jimi Hendrix favorites, but you can also hear it in lot of other songs. By adjusting the clean octave as MIRROR, you can hear an effect of ring-modulator. Beside to the basic construction the GIPSY/MIRROR switch in the position GIPSY separates the octave effect from the fuzz. You can get the best impact of this effect while playing around the 12th fret and using the neck pickup. This stompbox was not only made for guitar players but also can be a great experience among musicians playing bass!

Product Details:

  • Classical transistor solution.
  • Alpha type VOLUME and DRIVE control knobs and the GIPSY/MIRROR switch to your special needs.
  • Alpha type True Bypass to keep the clean sound.
  • Boss standard format DC 9V Power Supply Jack, and battery connector.
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Purple standby LED

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