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Ladies and Gentlemen! I'd like to introduce you the first gem of the Co.Prod. series: the Syco Machine! This is an analogue twin pedal effect which is a co-production with Mr. Tommy Sy, composer and guitarist. The Syco Machine has the original sound and vibe that became an essential feature of Tommy Sy's film directorial/musical works. During the developing of the pedal our other main goal was to create an analogue effect which can provide the desired sound even when plugged into the line-in of a home-soundsystem - not only when plugged into an amp! The chromed aluminium box contains two circuits, a distortion and a chorus effect - the two effects can be used seperately as well but the pedal bites really when both are switched on! With the distortion circuit alone, the distortion is almost high gain-like, however, set to less drive position, we can boost an overdriven amp as well - without the thinning of the sound. The analogue NOS Panasonic MN3007 BBD IC is the centre of the chorus circuit - this little integrated circuit provides the full and warm sound. Inside the pedal, you can find a trimmer potmeter on the panel. With this pot, you can change the modulation speed of the chorus effect to your own taste - if you don't like the original preset.

Product Details:

  • RC4558P and MN3007 (BBD) IC
  • Alpha type DEPTH, LEVEL, TONE and DRIVE controll knobs to your special needs.
  • Alpha type True Bypass to keep the clean sound.
  • Boss standard format DC 9V Power Supply Jack, and battery connector.
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Chromed surface
  • Red and blue standby LEDs

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