Kasleder Purple Haze 2



When we think of the music of the late 60's, suddenly we can feel the breeze of the age of flowers and hippies. The guitarists of the era were not only influenced by different psychedelic drugs - they were also influenced by the emerging new tone effects. One of these epoch-making effects was the fuzz-effect which is becoming once again an experimental stuff of present day musicians. However, back then, the basis of most fuzz pedals was the Fuzz Face pedal developed by the company Dallas Arbiter. Purple Haze2 is basically an improved version of the Fuzz Face pedal while also keeping the original tone characteristics. Besides the usual potmeters, you will find a third one on this pedal: the contour potmeter. With the help of contour you can alter the fuzz tone from more flowing to more crunchy. There is also a Castles/Freedom switch: you can switch between the two fuzz circuits available. When you switch to Freedom, you make two BC108Cs work - just like in the first original silicon transistor Fuzz Face model. Switched to Castles, a hybrid cirucit, one BC108C and a very rare AC187 germanium transistor will provide you the fuzz tone. The hybrid circuit combines the sound of the fuzz with the germanium and silicon transistors and thus, provides new sound for the modern musicians. Inside the pedal, there is a trimmer potmeter called 'sustain' on the panel. With this potmeter, you can change the input impedance of the pedal - this is important to us since this way we can tune our fuzz circuit to our own guitar pick-ups. Due to the unobtainableity of the very rare AC187 germanium transistor the Purple Haze2 is a limited edition series, only 200 pieces are made!

Product Details:

  • NOS AC187 germanium and BC108C silicon transistors to provide the vintage sound
  • Alpha type FUZZ, CONTOUR, VOLUME potmeters and a Castles/Freedom switch for individual preferences
  • Alpha type True Bypass to keep the clean sound
  • Boss standard format DC 9V Power Supply Jack, and battery connector
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Blue standby LED


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