Kasleder Purple Haze



Let's go back to the sound of the 60's with the help of this Fuzz pedal. This little gear has got a versatile range fuzz sounds from the classical to the modern, experimental ones. This Fuzz is based on two different versions, depending on its transistor. One is built with AC128 germanium, the other one with Mullard OC44 germanium transistors. With the 2 potentiometers (Trimmer) you can take yourself to a crazier dimension. Limited edition, only 10 built!

Product Details:

  • AC128 germanium or Mullard OC44 germanium transistors from the 60's
  • Alpha type VOLUME, SUN, and Gain potentiometers, or also, gate trimmer potentiometers for personal requests
  • Alpha type True Bypass to keep the sound clean
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Blue standby LED

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