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"Welcome to Mr Kite's beautiful and magic world! Take an excursion in the '60s and explore the guitar sound of that time, combine it with different pedals and see and hear how wonderful things can be done with this vintage tremolo. Of course, it does it's thing excellently on its own as well: it gives You the sound of the old classic amp's (AC30, Bluesbreaker) included tremolo sound. Besides the usual parameters, there is also a potmeter called 'WAVE'. With this, you can change the modulating waveform from 'Trapeze' to 'Trampoline'. Attention! In 'Trampoline' mode, the speed potmeter can be adjusted between 11' and 5's.

Product Details:

  • Transistor type circuity for the vintage sound.
  • Alpha type SPEED, WAVE and DEPTH control knobs to your special needs.
  • Alpha type True Bypass to keep the clean sound.
  • Boss standard format DC 9V Power Supply Jack, and battery connector.
  • Solid aluminium body
  • Green standby LED

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