Kasleder effects was founded by Albert Kasleder in 2006. He does it all on his own (engineering, building, marketing,...). The company is located in Budapest, Hungary.

    Timeline (by Albert Kasleder)

    • Around 2004 - I wanted to have an original vintage TS9, but didn't have the money :-)
    • 2005 - Started experimenting with simple booster and OD circuits
    • December 2006 - The birth of the first official Kasleder pedal (Dirty Little Thing)
    • Autumn 2008 - Presented my pedals on the Vintage Guitar Show in Milano, Italy.
    • October/December 2008 - My full series of effect pedals (5 pedals) was introduced in the most well know Hungarian music magazine "Zen├ęsz Magazin" and in "Guitar & Bass", the best one in Germany.
    • Spring 2009 - Presented my first custom shop pedal (Syco Machine) in Imola Italy at a huge music expo.
    • 2011 - Started experimenting with bass effects

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