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Kasha Amplifiers is pleased to announce the ROCKMOD ® PREAMP PEDAL.  ROCKMOD ®  is a brand name of Kasha Amplifiers and for pros, their secret weapon for live and studio playing.  The original ROCKMOD ® preamp came out in 1988, and is still loved by thousand of musicians today.  The ROCKMOD ® PREAMP PEDAL is a circuit replica of the original ROCKMOD II, and the tone is groomed so all you have to do is plug in and let your creative juices start flowing...

For those not familiar with ROCKMOD ® tone, it is like having a Plexi or JCM800 modified exactly the way you've heard them on many hit songs from some of the top bands.  

Works with any amplifier regardless if it is tube or solid state.  The crunch and sustain is effortless.  It will track every note you play and will make you a better player since every note you play will be heard in all its glory.  If you play with a clean amp, not a problem, it instantly gives you that tone once you engage the pop free true bypass foot switch.

  • True ROCKMOD Tone (Plexi/JCM100 modified tone)
  • Gain, Master Volume, Tone (Midrange can be changed by trim pot inside)
  • Works with 9V battery or DC Adapter
  • 6 gain stages, low noise 
  • True Bypass switching, no pops
  • Powder coated, silk screened and assembled in the USA by Kasha staff
  • Limited 3 year factory warranty
  • MSRP - $165.00

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