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Kaden Effects (2006-2007)

A simple, one-knob compressor/booster reminiscent of the 70's compressor pedals. It's circuit is derived from the classic Orange Squeeze compressor, an effect rumoured to be used by Mark Knopfler on the first Dire Staits album. The one knob on the face of the unit controls the volume of the effect. The actual amount of compression is dialed in via the internal trim pot. It works great as both a mild compressor, or even a booster type effect through a slightly dirty amp. Just turn the trim pot down and volume up for boost, or increase the trim for some mild, yet smooth compression. Although the compression is set to our personal taste, you may want to tweak to your heart's content.

Equipped with true-bypass switching to help preserve your tone.

Power: 9v battery or a/c adapter (negative tip)

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