Kaden Effects FlutterTone Tremolo


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Kaden Effects (2006-2007)

The Fluttertone provides high quality vintage tremolo effects in a convenient compact box. From slow, shimmering tube amp swells to fast pulsating waves, this tremolo provides plenty of depth and speed for the practical player. If you're looking for a smooth sine-wave trem, look no further. The Fluttertone excels at that vintage blackface sound.

It features a side-mounted volume knob for easy access and manipulation of front panel controls. And includes top-mounted quarter inch in/out jacks to conserve space and allow better access on pedal boards.

Now sporting a pulsing LED, faster rate, and improved buffer/gain stage for better tone! Upgrade, drop-in replacement board available for $25 (includes shipping).

Equipped with true-bypass switching to help preserve your tone.

Power: 9v battery or a/c adapter (negative tip)

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