Kaden Effects Flamingo Fuzz


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Kaden Effects (2006-2007)

Based on a CMOS chip, the Flamingo provides a gritty, tube-like overdrive/fuzz with plenty of bottom end "fat". This pedal is excellent for pulling out those vintage tweed-style tones, while preserving the original tone of your amp. It can be used as a smooth clean boost, or a medium gain overdrive for thick, chunky rhythms. But what really distinguishes this pedal from other overdrives, is its lack of a mid frequency hump that is so common in other tubereamer-type pedals. Also this overdrive/fuzz has been known to sound similar to a popular "mammal" overdrive that is no longer in production, but that is best left for you to decide.

Equipped with true-bypass to help preserve your tone.

Power: 9v battery or a/c adapter (negative tip)

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