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Kaden Effects (2006-2007)

A classic treble booster effect modeled after the famous Dallas Rangemaster, the Chirper adds gain to higher notes resulting in a perceptible presence added to your sound. Based on a single germanium transistor, this simple circuit creates a subtle distortion at lower settings and gradually increases at higher settings. It can be used to overdrive an amp into distortion or used in conjunction with other overdrive/ distortion pedals to create some very unique tones. Also, as a recent upgrade, you get a 3-way tone selection switch which provides the original late 60's Rangemaster tone, a mid boost, and a full boost.

Each transistor is tested and biased to 6.8 - 7v on the collector in order to get the best sound possible out of this circuit!

Equipped with true-bypass switching.

Power: 9v battery or a/c adapter (negative tip)

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