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    K9 effects was run by Kerry Norman in Ballina, NSW, Australia.

    Timeline (by Kerry Norman)

    • Febuary 2004 - started first breadboarding experiments.
    • August 2004 - registered business name K9 Effects
    • October 2004 - first sales trip to capital cities. 
    • January 2006 - stopped trading from lack of sales.

    I hope to start it up again in late 2014 when I retire.

    List of models (no pictures yet):

    • Audion Boost/Overdrive (Lap Dog): Bass Overdrive
    • The Simple Fuzz (Shaggy Dog): Bass fuzz but good on guitar as well
    • The IMP (Hot Dog): Fuzz/distortion (the devil made me do it)
    • Controlled Chaos / Squelch and Squel (Dog Eat Dog): Oscillating fuzz extreme pedal
    • The Fuzulator/Ring Modulator (Sick Puppy): Ring modulator/fuzz using the traditional circuit of 2 transformers and 4 germanium diodes, not a good ring modulator but an interesting slightly weird fuzz
    • V2 Overdrive
    • V3 Distortion/Fuzz: has a third transistor stage which turns the V2 into a distortion
    • VI-FI: VERY trebly vintage 20s/30s blues sound
    • The Crunch Overdrive/Distortion: a FET driving a germanium
    • The SiGE or GESi Overdrive (Old Dog): Germanium Overdrive
    • The Echidna Distortion: a 'modern' distortion


    Manufacturers: you can now submit your missing pedals. More info here.





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