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The circadia is a polyrhythmic, trem-like, character infuser for the guitar. Where other trems leave you with the ability to change the tempo and, perhaps, the duty-cycle; the circadia breaks free of these constraints and allows different frequencies of the guitar to be individually influenced for a completely new way of looking at rhythms from an effect unit.

Coming soon to your circadia...

Like odd time signatures? The circadia's deep-edit mode(with optional programming cable),allows you to decide what's going on with every downbeat (no matter how often that downbeat snakes around the measure), upbeat, and everything in between. With room for up to a thousand beats every program slot(there's ten of those), you'll be able to craft as intricate and resolute rhythms as you can imagine. It also allows you to select any color you would like for the j indicator light, for a little more personal flavor. Don't let the programming cable scare you. The only thing digital is touching is timing and the j indicator. The guitar signal is straight analog. No DSP here this time. Think of it as a very fast conductor leading an orchestra. He's in complete control of everything but he's not playing the instruments. We're working on getting the cable out soon and will let you know when it becomes available for purchase.


  • Tap tempo
  • Fully customizable
  • Preamp mode
  • Polyrhythmic ability


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