Juliet Collectie Candy Shop series Orange Cream - Parallel Distortion


Robbie Spears (Juliet Collective)

It's a parallel distortion with one side softer, asymmetrical clipping and the other side a more gnarly crunch. First knob dials in the extra crunch/beef and the second knob is a master that controls the smoother side.

No tonestack, the gain stages interact with each other and the guitar pretty freaking nicely so it's pretty versatile for a two knob pedal. I have nothing, at all, against tonestacks. My other pedals have them and future ones will too, it just happened to get into the way of what I was trying to accomplish with this one and it didn't really need any compensation and I think it's better for it.

Artwork by my personal favorite artist, Eric Abbott. He designed our logo too. Very pumped to have a piece of his tied with this.

All metal construction, true bypass, it's a solid little bastard. Steel, aluminum and built by us, from the ground up.


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