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This is the first of 20 Juggernautics Fuzz Fixx Pedals made back in the early 90's for Rob Skinner's Loud Music Store in Seattle. Ths pedal is based on one of his favorite, the Mosrite Fuzz Rite - only we added a couple of features it did not have, and we had the boxes made to our twisted specs by Ballard Sheet Metal, also of Seattle. They cut, bent, and welded it up in the grunge period of 16 gauge aluminum. Our goal, knowing how ripped players got back in the day, was a pedal that could not be destroyed, even by a jump off a stage monitor onto it. The images show how we frenched [a hot rodders term, sorry] the knobs so that a footfall could not damage the controls. We chose not to have the welds ground down, as they were so awesome; we left them in.

It has both a true bypass switch as well as the boost [Mo] switch, as they all did. Also, it has the Gain [actually, volume; its hard to explain], Phase, Tone and Oscillate controls. The oscillate control on this one was modded. None of the other ones were, they sold before I thought of it. Its a long time ago, but I do recall that Peter Buck and Dinosaur Jr. bought them. Maybe Jack Endino did; sorry, I was uh, distracted back then. I do know that Lori Goldston of Black Cat Orchestra has used one for some of her cello soundscapes; but I cannot tell you where the 19 all went. That said- this has a toggle switch to go between the oscillation mode that strangles in a time coherent manner, the tone, to a filtered voltage dropping control, that takes the 9 volt battery supply down to just over a volt for even more compression.

If you want a simple fuzz box with a small learning curve, do not buy this. This is a pedal made by an artist for artists who value a diverse pallete and are willing to document the nuances so that they can be easily revisited later. There are tons of voices in this box. Mike Matthews of Electro Harmonix said that lots of players liked it but it was too hectic to market. I lol'd. [He sells the English Muff'n I designed for him...]

It has the original top hat aluminum knobs in 3 places and the red dakaware one on the pot with too short a shaft to allow the top hats. It is 2 stages of Germanium transistors [note we used machine pin sockets for all 3 transistors so you can swap in your favorites] and the boost is a silicon device for the extra lulz [or back in the day, dB's].


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