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JTK Harmonics

The MURANO is a true-bypass low to medium gain overdrive designed for the purist who enjoys blues, classic rock, and country & western music.

It is finished in a beautiful orange translucent color.

Murano is a region in Italy, about a mile north of Venice, and is famous for its glass making. The MURANO overdrive is named after this region because it has a very “glassy” character — very crisp, clear, with a lot of clarity. Some would use the term “transparent” as well. The tone is very sweet, open and dynamic, and does not compress much until the gain is past 3pm on the dial. There is no inherent mid-hump in the response unless you dial it in. The bass and tone controls sculpt the tonal character extremely well, reducing muddiness on bass-heavy material, or reducing the harshness of any high-frequency content. The pedal also serves as a sweet and dirty light boost when the gain is reduced and the level increased.

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