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JTK Harmonics

The DELIRIUM is a true-bypass low to medium gain overdrive, though it can venture into high-gain territory at extreme settings. Purists who like classic rock to hard rock, with a need for liquidy smooth solos, will find that this pedal can lead you to sonic delirium.

It is finished in a deep red translucent color.

Smooth and liquidy sustain characterizes the DELIRIUM. The overdrive sound is very fine-grained, never harsh, and extremely smooth. It is more compressed than the MURANO, which facilitates sustain in solos and faster passages. At low gain settings, it cleans up extremely well and offers sweet overdrive tones which are suitable for a variety of blues and rock styles. The single tone control spans a wide enough range to cut treble in harsh content material, or enhance and boost treble for solos to cut through the mix.

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