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The AURORA is a true-bypass low gain overdrive/treble booster which achieves a very sweet, slightly overdriven tube tone. It stacks extremely well with other pedals to push them over the edge into musical nirvana.

It is finished in a lush blue translucent color.

The AURORA overdrive increases the depth and clarity of the sound stage while at the same time imparting an “aurora” around the notes as they bloom into overdrive. It sounds like a tube amp at the verge of breaking up, and as you turn the gain knob clockwise, it moves past that into a crisp, clean, bluesy overdrive.

The AURORA combines a treble booster and low overdrive in one unit. As you increase the gain, the overdriven sound of a tube amp becomes more apparent, while at the same time, the treble is enhanced. Increasing the level can boost, but it is not strictly designed as a huge clean boost; rather, it is a medium boost with an enhancement of the tone in the area of sweet, high-frequencies and throaty overdrive. The pedal adds shimmer and lushness to your tone.

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