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JTK Harmonics

The ALCHEMY is a true-bypass low to medium gain overdrive with a horn-like attack on the notes, and a wide, biting, punchy presence. Players of jazz fusion, rock, and hard rock will admire its ability to evoke massive rhythms, while at the same time create smooth, flowing solo passages with ease.

It is finished in a shimmering gold translucent color.

Alchemy means “a seemingly magical power or process of transmuting” and the ALCHEMY overdrive achieves just that. The note attack of the ALCHEMY is what sets this pedal apart — it has an extremely wide and heavy girth to the notes. The notes are thick, somewhat heavy, with a timbre reminiscent of horn and wind instruments. The sound is perfect for today's modern jazz and fusion playing, as well as rock and hard rock. The gain is tuned to handle a variety of guitars and pickups — from single-coils to humbuckers, bolt-on neck to set-neck guitars. The Hue control varies the sonic character of the notes, acting like a subtle EQ, while the Tone control varies the treble content. With this tandem EQ, the ALCHEMY can go from very dark to extremely bright while retaining the horn-like characteristics of the note attack.

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