Joyo JP-04 Power Supply 4



JP-04 pure independent power, volume a little clever, can be placed in effect the board to achieve the perfect work, of course, we also carefully designed a power supply section for the effect board "RD-B2", allowing perfect realization in JP-04 hidden below the board and provides power supply, but also the board does not occupy space, a very significant savings for the performer a large world!

JP-04 fully independent low-noise DC power output device designed primarily for musical instruments, this product is more efficient, high-quality R-shaped transformer with 8 independent group net output (power and ground are independent), each using the internal power supply multi-stage filter, noise inhibition better, the noise reduction effect because the power generated to a minimum. In addition, for each group we are equipped with independent power output short circuit, overcurrent protection, so it will not effect of a malfunction of the power supply does not work, to provide a stable and clean power source for your device to ensure you the effects work perfectly to produce the best effect sound.

  • Output line length: 1.7m
  • 8 Road pure independent output, will not interfere with each other.
  • each independently of the short-circuit, overcurrent protection with a separate fuse.
  • may be DC9V, 12V, 18V power supply effects of.
  • built-in power switch, easy to operate switch.
  • with AC mains output port for cascading more power and reduce the outlet position occupied.
  • built-in DC power cable (reverse polarity line).
  • Adapter: American regulator


  • 8 Isolated Outputs
  • Isolated Short Circuit Protection
  • Power for DC 9v / 12v / 18v Pedals
  • Includes DC cables and Reverse Polarity Cable
  • Total 10A current

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