Jordan (by Mahoney) Nashville



The Legendary Jordan Boss Tone remake in pedal form, the Nashville

All of the tone of the original with modern features, and ultra low noise. Housed in a friendlier package, for years of trouble free service.

After years of testing and repairing vintage units, we have developed our modern Nashville, incorporating the exact circuit path as found in the original vintage Jordan units.

The Nashville is essentially a vintage Boss Tone housed in a modern enclosure. Based on the later PNP-NPN version built in Pasadena and Nashville, this version nails those ghosty octave down ghost notes and low gain settings. With the Attack set high you get a smooth creamy sustained fuzz.

  • Designed in America and still built with pride in the USA
  • True Bypass switching
  • Beautiful low glare super bright red LED
  • Super tough, high gloss, powder coat paint
  • High quality graphics sealed with thick epoxy clear coat
  • Matched pair of silicon transistors
  • High Quality Components
  • D/C Jack- LED and True Bypass Switching
  • Diode cut switch removes the diodes and increases the volume creating an overdrive with tone of volume

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