Jordan (by Mahoney) FUZZtite


This is the first release from the new Jordan product line. The FUZZtite takes the famous Mosrite circuit and adds a few nice improvements. We added a switch to enable the user to remove the filter from the circuit. This gives the Fuzz a very smooth character and boosts the gain and volume. The stock position has the same sound the original pedals were known for.

The Fuzzrite was one of the first commercial fuzz units built and designed in the USA. Eddie Sanner (the guy who designed the Fuzz Tone for Gibson) was the man who designed the fuzzrite. The first few hundred pedals were germanium and all the rest were silicon.

Jimi Hendrix was a Fuzzrite user until he went to England and Chas Chandler got him a Fuzz Face.Not many people know that at the time Hendrix died, he was using a Guild Fuzzrite style pedal. Countless recordings feature the Fuzzrite and groups like the Ventures, Iron Butterfly, Ted Nugent and even Buck Owens guitarist used the Mosrite pedal.

When you kick it on at playing levels, it has a slight Octavia quality to it. Roger Mayer may have taken some clues for his Octavio after hearing the Fuzzrite. Heck, the box for his Octavia even looks like the Fuzzrite.

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