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Jonny Rock Gear

The Pink Pit

Deep and far, that's where "The Pink Pit" goes! Ideal for spatial ambience and echo type reverb, you can also use it to create dark moods, to imitate an old reverb when you set the repetitions very short, or just as a regular delay. The slap-back setting will give you an authentic surf style tone just like a spring reverb does.

Let's get this unicorn to dwell this cavernous atmosphere!


  • True bypass design
  • Powder coated die-cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened graphic
  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor
  • 3mm white water clear LED indicator
  • Warm, dark echo but not muddy
  • Psychedelic ambience, medium-fi circuit
  • Slap back echo with spring reverb tone (surf style)


  • Light: Echo tone
  • Echo: Time (0 to 550 ms)
  • Depth: Feedback, enters oscillation stage when pushed to the max

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