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Jonny Rock Gear

Dino Range

The Dino Range is meant to be your set and forget compressor in a live application, or a complete and versatile machine in a studio environment. From ambient sustain to plucked country riffs, or during your squashy funk grooves, it delivers everything you can expect from the beast. The "FREE" control (release time) lets you choose between a nice pumping effect (short release) or a very long sustained notes. The slow attack setting is ideal for strumming, you're gonna keep your pick attack while leveling the volume of your whole playing. 


  • True bypass design
  • Powder coated die cast aluminum enclosure w/silk screened graphic
  • DC output w/negative center compatible w/std 9V AC adaptor
  • 5mm white water clear LED indicator
  • Transparent and Quiet
  • Selectable Attack Time (Short-Long)


  • FORCE (volume)
  • CRUSH (Compression)
  • FREE (Release)
  • ATTACK Short-Long (Toggle)

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