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Say bye to that old Tubescreamer! This is one of the most natural sounding overdrives I've heard. This is one pedal that will boot your existing overdrive pedal off your pedalboard. The pedal has a lush midrange and smooth overdrive that shines beyond any existing overdrive, distortion, or boost pedal. The G2 can stay on all the time (and probably will). Playing the G2 at maximum gain, you can get a completely clean tone by just backing off the guitar volume. Crank it up, play an open chord and hear each note shine! The Treble control is a treble booster that doesn't affect any other frequencies. You won't have to lose any low-end or midrange in order to brighten it up. Dynamics, harmonic response, transparency, this stompbox has it all! You've probably tried every overdrive on the market, but the G2 from Joker Pedals could be the one you've been waiting for!

The G2 is handwired by me, true bypass 3PDT switch, Neutrik jacks, top quality components and housed in a powdercoated translucent copper 125B enclosure.

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