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Breaking the Project Studio Boundaries... These days, the bedroom recording engineers are beginning to rival the professional producers. The home project studio is replacing the large production houses almost as quickly as the independent record label is replacing the major labels. One advantage that the large production houses still have over the project studio is the assortment of amplifiers to choose from, as well as the space to accommodate several amps. Johnson Amplification is about to break the boundary by adding a room full of amplifiers to the project studio. The additional equipment will actually take up less space than an average drum machine. Introducing the Johnson J-Station.

Not only does the J-Station provide 24 choices of amp models, bass amp models, and acoustic guitar models, but it does so with the kind of accuracy you've come to expect from Johnson Amplification. The J-Station also includes a multitude of completely programmable, studio quality effects and 18 speaker cabinet models. The direct interface will greatly improve your signal to noise ratio by eliminating the need to mic speaker cabinets, and the S/PDIF digital output make it ready to record in the digital domain.

The J-Station can easily be controlled remotely via MIDI, the J8 Foot Controller, or the J3 Footswitch. A computer based editor/librarian software is included allowing your computer to open a virtually endless array of tones from the J-Staiton.

So, increase the quality of your home recordings and double the size of your project studio by adding several of the most popular amps ever used.

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