JMI Del Casher 1966 signature Wah-Wah




The original concept of the Wah Wah pedal was developed by US Guitarist Del Casher who worked for the Thomas Organ company in the 1960's. The idea came about when modding the MRB circuit for the Vox Super Beatle amplifier.

Casher was the first person to suggest it be used as an effect for guitar. JMI at the time wanted to market it as an effect for brass instruments and paid Kentucky trumpet player Clyde McCoy to be the face of the new invention and the rest is history...

In 2010 JMI are to release the original grey wah including the original large style of casing, 250mh NOS Thomas Organ inductor and 100K pot.


  • Grey Hammerite Sand Cast Case
  • 2N3707 Transistor
  • 250mh NOS Thomas Organ inductor
  • Limited Edition of 200 units worldwide
  • 100K Pot
  • Certificate of Authenticity signed by Del Casher
  • This pedal was most famously used by Jimmy Page

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