JMI Tone Bender Professional MkII



JMI about the standard Edition

The MkII Tone Bender features the classic 3x OC-75 transistor circuit which can be heard on many records from the 1960's. This was originally labeled as VOX and now in 2009 JMI have created t heir own detailed replica of the pedal using sand cast casings and NOS transistors as featured in the original pedals.

  • 1966 Reissue
  • Aluminium Sand Cast casing
  • 3 x OC75 Mullard Transistors
  • Limited Edition
  • Users: Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, George Harrison,...

JMI about the Professional edition

The Tone Bender Professional MkII offers all the features of the standard MkII pedal but at higher gain. This is due to the OC-81D transistors which operate at a higher level than its OC-75 counterpart.

  • 1966 Reissue
  • Grey Hammerite Aluminium Sand Cast casing
  • 3 x OC81D Transistors
  • Limited Edition
  • Users: Jimmy Page

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