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Gary Hurst - Tone Bender Designer:

    “The Year was 1965, The place the back room of Musical Exchange, 22 Denmark Street, London guitarists were demanding a new sound from their amplifier, sound with more distortion and sustain, in walked Vic Flick from the John Barry Seven with an original Maestro Fuzz tone, he requested a pedal with more sustain, I built him a new fuzz box , I called it the "Tone Bender", the first batch/production "Tone Bender" was housed in a wooden box and cost 14 Guineas, Jeff Beck was one of my first customers and used on many singles including "Heart Full Of Soul"”


  • Tone Bender Mark I
  • Folded Metal Case
  • Gold Hammerite
  • Dimpled Feet (Stamped into chassis)
  • Original All back Jack Sockets on rear of pedal
  • Second Series Mark I Circuit
  • NOS Transistors (1 Mullard OC-75 + 2 NOS Texas 2G381)
  • Limited Run

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