JMI Shatterbox


This pedal will not be released with this name as the Shatterbox trademark is owned by Vintage Pedal Workshop.

JMI (after VPW ended production)

Only twenty (20) units have been produced of the JMI Shatterbox fuzz/treble booster pedal! Based on a combination of the original Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine and Treble Booster, the Shatterbox is a combination of both classic pedals in one box!!

NOTE: Original 1960's Shatterbox pedals are super rare and to many collectors are considered The Holy Grail of fuzz pedals.

The circuit features two NOS 1960's TG381 and one OC75 transistors which offer both smooth and sharp tones. It is housed in a gold hammerite folded aluminum casing.

FEATURES: Made in England, gold hammerite case, NOS 1960's TG381 and OC75 germanium transistors, limited to only twenty (20) units made, comes with limited edition certificate.

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