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The Rangemaster originally produced by Dallas was one of the first treble boosters to be used by guitarists in the 1960's. Over the years this classic effect has been used by artists such as Eric Clapton, Rory Gallagher, Brian May, Tony Iommi, Marc Bolan and many others. The JMI Rangemaster is a detailed replica of the original Rangemaster featuring the OC-44 transistor.

  • OC44 N.O.S Transistor
  • Folded Steel Grey Panel
  • Folded Steel Grey Hammerite Casing
  • Anodised Internals
  • Limited Edition (100 Pieces Worldwide)
  • Original Style of Packing Carton and Warranty Card


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2015-01-229/10  Tone from heavencan conflict with some amps, short output cable, non footswitchable, only battey powered (need adapter)

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